Dialogue. Design studio
We are a design studio that believes in heartfelt strategy and
exquisite visual craft to create brands, products and experiences
that people fall in love with.
Simple ideas, effortlessly beautiful, that appeal to the head
and the heart. Our work makes deep and lasting connections.

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Brand identity development, D. Lazaridou, 2019
Website design, V-Architects, 2019
Brand identity development, Gentleman’s Hair code, 2019
Miscellaneous, Spoon, 2018
Website design, MP Balatsinos fitness, 2018
Packaging system development, 52 olive oil, Alexandrou S.A., 2018
Brand identity development, Spoon, 2018
Website design, Domes Miramare, 2018
Brand identity development, Domes Miramare, 2018
Website design, Graps fitness, 2018
Logotype, Spoon, 2018
Miscellaneous, Domes Noruz, 2018
Typeface, Graps fitness, 2018
Logotype, MP Balatsinos fitness, 2018
Website design, Domes Resorts, 2018
Website design, Domes of Elounda, 2017
Brand identity development, Xenofon delicatessen, 2017
Logotype, Okto, 2017
Packaging development, Naoumidis peppers, 2017
LP design, G. Koutsikas, 2017
Packaging system development, Diamantis Masoutis S.A., 2016
Calendar design, Fotone advertising, 2016
Website design, Domes Noruz, 2016
Logotype, Diamantis Masoutis S.A., 2016
Packaging system development, The Donut store, 2016
Logotype, The Donut store, 2016
Typographic treatment, Pax burgers, 2016
Brand identity development, Naoumidis peppers, 2016
Website design, Fotone advertising, 2016
Brand identity development, Pax burgers, 2016
Brand identity development, Aftertaste stores, 2016
Logotype, Aftertaste stores, 2016
Poster, Blood donation, 2015
Brand identity development, Nikolaidis Civils, 2015
Calendar design, Fotone advertising, 2015
Logotype, Nikolaidis Civils, 2015
Brand identity development, Elmega tyres, 2014
Logotype, Elmega tyres, 2014
Website design, Emvrithia consultants, 2013
Cultural event design, Thessaloniki Concert Hall, 2013
Wayfinding system, Aristotle University, 2013
Brochure design, Aristotle University, 2013
Miscellaneous, Nestor Yannakis & Jet Oil, 2013
Cultural event design, Thessaloniki State Orchestra, 2013
Logotype redesign, Naoumidis peppers, 2013
Cultural event design, State Museum of Contemporary Art, 2012
Brand identity development, Emvrithia consultants, 2012
Calendar design, Paok F.C. 2012
Symbol, Filos winery, 2012
LP design, Onirama, 2012
Logotype, Filos winery, 2012
Logotype, Emvrithia consultants, 2012
Brand identity development, Atlas Finance, 2012
Catalogue design, Aristoteli Bitsiani, 2012
Cultural event design, Thessaloniki Concert Hall, 2012
Logotype, Atlas Finance, 2012
LP design, Onirama, 2011
Poster, Gunshake, 2011
Miscellaneous, Nestor Yannakis, 2011
Catalogue design, Aristoteli Bitsiani, 2011
LP design, D. Maramis, 2011
Cultural event design, Thessaloniki Concert Hall, 2011
Store window design, Aristoteli Bitsiani, 2011
LP design, Vegas, 2011
Brand identity development, K. Zervas, 2011
LP design, De Niro band, 2011
Collateral, Seven Spot, 2011
Cultural event design, Thessaloniki State Orchestra, 2011
LP design, Haris Alexiou, 2011
Film identity development, S. Kouloglou, 2010
Brand identity development, Y. Hostelidis, 2010
Miscellaneous, Seven Films, 2010
Poster, Chaumont International festival, 2007


We can build a brand from the ground up, or, breathe new creative energy into brands that have lost their way.


The world is complicated enough. In the way we work, and work with you, we believe simple and clear is always best.


We look at brands in totality, from tone of voice to complete roll out, because every aspect of a brand contributes to the whole.


We always set out to make a positive impact on the companies we work with. We believe a deep understanding of the challenge and a passionate, intelligent team are at the heart of work that makes a difference.


In how we conduct ourselves and in what we produce, we seek to make a conscious difference. We believe thoughtful and beautiful work can make a better world.


Dialogue is the basis of effective work. We work with you, and for you. We believe in listening, honesty and the importance of direct conversation.

175 Delfon street, 542 48, Thessaloniki, Greece
info@haveadialogue.gr +30 2310 019 786

Dialogue is a design studio, based in Thessaloniki, focused on providing custom design solutions and communication consultancy to clients looking for work that goes beyond their expectations.

Our motivation comes from our many passions and at the centre of our practice is our concern for the ways in which language is made visible – through a careful, skilled and informed use of typography. We're unashamedly dedicated to it.

We value intelligent and informed perspectives, which we support through an intensive process of research, strategy development and collaboration networks. This ensures that our response is unique to each challenge we are given. Every project we undertake is a dedicated balancing act – between craft and technology, between rationality and poetry, between expectation and surprise.


Public sector

Thessaloniki Concert Hall, Thessaloniki State symphony orchestra, Fotsso, State museum of Contemporary art, Aristotle University, Institut Francais de Thessalonique, Taratsa international film festival.

Private sector

Eko Industrial and Commercial S.A., Puro S.p.a., Jet Oil S.A., Domes Resorts, Ledra Hotels & Villas, Seven Spot, Seven films, Masoutis S.A., Paok F.C., Iraklis F.C., Life-T S.A., V-Architects, S. Kouloglou, Moneywise finance, Albus bakeries, MP Balatsinos fitness, Graps fitness, Nestor Yannakis, Minerva S.A., Spoon, Aristoteli Bitsiani, Structura S.A., Naoumidis Peppers, Emvrithia consultants, Nikolaidis Civils, Sitaridou Law, Axis Constructions, Darwin digital agency, Xenofon delicatessen, Delear cafe, Elmega tyres, Okto coffee, Aftertaste, Altintzis Graphic arts, Nut Sailing inc., CoffeeHub S.A., Dagris Olive, Disu clothing, Gentleman’s Hair code, Omikron edu., Partizan, AVC Group S.A., Gianniris S.A., Plateia B.C.


Haris Alexiou, D. Maramis, Onirama, Vegas, De Niro band, G. Koutsikas, Mark Angelo, Otherview


→ Greek Design and Illustration Awards (EBGE) Μenu design / Merit.
→ Greek Design and Illustration Awards (EBGE) Brochure design / Finalist.
→ Greek Design and Illustration Awards (EBGE) E-Shops / Merit.

→ Greek Design and Illustration Awards (EBGE) Multiple applications / Merit.
→ Type Director’s Club (New York) / Poster series / Award.

→ Greek Design and Illustration Awards (EBGE) Self promotion / Merit.
→ Greek Design and Illustration Awards (EBGE) Informational website / Merit.

→ Greek Design and Illustration Awards (EBGE) Informational website / Merit.

→ From up north Best of 2013 / Gunshake poster

→ European Design Awards / EDawards / Poster - Print / Silver

→ Greek Design and Illustration Awards (EBGE) / Logotype / Award.
→ Greek Design and Illustration Awards (EBGE) / Flyer / Merit.

→ Greek Design and Illustration Awards (EBGE) / Corporate identity / Finalist.

→ Festival international de l’ affiche et des artes de Chaumont / Poster / Award


AIGA: Eye on Design, Etapes: ėditions, Deutsche Welle: EUROMAXX, Die Zeit: Zeitverlag Gerd Bucerius, Format First Volume 3: Sendpoints, European Design Awards European Ltd, Greek Design and Illustration Awards (EBGE) - Graphopress, +Design Magazine Issue 34 - Graphopress, Der Sympathisant: Blessing verlag, Műnchen






This website was designed with the precious help of George Rizos and developed by Kukarika. All photographs were realized by Dialogue. All the works from 2010 to 2012 were conceived in collaboration with Nestoras Kehagias on behalf of Unusual design group. Works from 2014 to 2016 were realised on behalf of Fotone.

All of the following people collaborated to the exhibited projects: Nestoras Kehagias, George Mantzouranedes, George Serdaris, Ilias Skoulakou, Yannis Hostelidis, Alexandros Koritsoglou, Haris Harakas, George Yannatis, Mary Kiokpasoglou, Nik Vasiliadis, Andreas Georgoulis. Photography by Stefanos Tsakiris, Kostas Sapounas, Yannis Hostelidis, Ilias Skoulakou, Aris Tavridis.

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